Our aim is to provide an alternative water supply chain that will help to balance water supply and demand in the greater Cape Town area and reduce the pressure on the City of Cape Town municipal water supply network. Our business model is based on pr

We are two partners with one of us living in the Northern Suburbs, with restricted water supply and the other living on a farm with excess water.  Initially we setup the bulk water transport as a solution to our own supply and demand imbalance.

As Paarl is the predominant area where our water is sourced from, the most cost-effective areas to supply to are the Paarl, Stellenbosch and the Northern suburbs. We can however deliver to areas further afield, but this will most likely require a ful

We understand that your garden, swimming pool and your business are significant investments that are dependent on a reliable water supply in order to avoid damage to these assets or loss of income. We also understand that buying water

Our water is sourced from farms in the Western Cape that have access to natural springs or boreholes. Our suppliers have excess water on their farms and monitor their water supply levels to ensure that healthy underground water levels are maintained

We deliver bulk water direct from our water sources to your property in our tanker vehicles. We will arrange a date and time to access your property or business and pump the purchased water volume from our vehicle into your swimming pool, rain water