Water restrictions have changed the way we look at municipal water. Unlimited has become limited and has triggered the requirement for alternative water sources. All alternative water sources have a downside, from the initial cost of sinking a borehole to the unreliability of rainwater harvesting.

Bulk water delivery has created the opportunity to access and pay for water only when you require it, and thereby providing reliable water supply at a variable cost. Not all bulk water delivery companies are however the same. Waterdrop is the original Cape Town bulk water delivery company and we have perfected the delivery of bulk water to provide customers with access to pristine clean and clear water and the best customer service.

Projections are that the City of Cape Town water restrictions will be a reality for the foreseeable future. Relying on the restricted municipal water source during water restrictions may require an alternative water source when:

- Water requirement is more than that which is allowed by water restrictions.

- You require water for applications that are prohibited by water restrictions.

- You have high water usage and a tariff bracket that makes bulk water a lower cost alternative.

- You need an alternative water source to mitigate municipal water supply interruptions or limited supply.

Our primary water sources are boreholes on farms in the Paarl area and we guarantee that you will receive pristine, clean and clear water. The water is tested on a regular basis and we will gladly supply customers with our latest certificate of analysis. The water is perfect for all outdoor applications such as swimming pools, fish ponds and gardens as well as for indoor applications such as cleaning, washing and sanitation.

We have water that meet the SANS 241:2015 drinking water standard and can be used for human consumption. Customers should however still have the necessary filtration or UV treatment in place to ensure that water stored in your tanks does meets drinking standards at time of consumption.






Home owners have investments in assets such as swimming pools and gardens or may have household water requirements that simply cannot be met by the restricted municipal water supply. Turning to bulk water delivery is often the only viable option. Ordering of bulk water and receiving a delivery is however not something home owners do every day and you ultimately pay a premium for the logistics to deliver the water to your home.

At Waterdrop we understand this and we commit to assist you with ordering the right volume of water, keep you informed from order to delivery, ensure that our water is at a consistent quality, that our vehicles are clean and that our delivery teams are professional and friendly and deliver the water on time. Please visit our Blog page to view some of our delivery clips and customer feedback.



Water is a key input to all businesses and the risk of running out of water must be mitigated. The City of Cape Town continue to encourage businesses to save water by reducing water usage and making use of alternative water sources. Council water supply interruptions is also a modern business risk reality that must be mitigated.  Waterdrop provides businesses with a reliable and professional alternative end to end bulk water supply chain. We partner with corporate clients to understand their water requirements and processes and develop a service offering that meets their specific needs in the most cost effective and reliable way.

We will typically approach all large corporate water deliveries as a project, which will include an upfront assessment of the site, providing a detail delivery plan, matching our equipment with yours and briefing our and your staff. All large corporate deliveries are supervised by one of our senior team members.



Customers can request a quote or place an order via our webpage, email or phone.The process is quick and easy, and we will assist you along the way. Upon receiving your order, we will provide you with an invoice that will contain the delivery date and time and explain the delivery process to you. Our delivery coordinators track and manage all deliveries to ensure we deliver on-time and we keep you informed throughout the delivery process.

We have all the couplings and fittings to connect with your water system. We pump water at 1000l/minute and our standard flexible hoses are 60m in length.  Our vehicles are fitted with flow meters and customers are welcome to confirm the meter readings.

Our pricing is based on the quantity of water purchased and your location and our standard pricing range from R150/kl – R500/kl. Please note that our minimum order quantity is 20,000l. Our standard lead-time is 24-48 hours and we supply water to all suburbs in the greater Cape Town area.