Waterdrop will deliver bulk water to your residential property or businesses in single body trucks that are fitted with 10,000l or 15,000l water tanks, pumps, flow meters and flexible hoses that enable us to reach your water tanks, swimming pools, vessels or other water reservoirs.

Our delivery model is based on transporting water from our water sources to your property or location where you have a vessel that requires bulk water. We typically supply residential customers with water to fill or top up their swimming pools or tanks that are used to supplement municipal water for household or outside use. We deliver to corporate customers for a range of applications that include daily water use, ad hoc projects or industry specific seasonal requirements.

Our vehicle sizes range from 10,000l to 15,000l and ordering a full vehicle will result in the lowest R/L and shortest delivery lead-time. Ordering less than 10,000l will result in a part load which is combined with deliveries from other customers in your area.

Our pricing is based on a combination of your location and the volume of water that you order. We have assigned all Cape Town suburbs to “zones” and each zone has standard pricing in the form of R/L. Our standard pricing is based on 5,000l, 10,000l and 15,000l+ loads and the larger the load the lower the R/L is. We can provide you with a quick telephonic quote or with a formal quote upon receiving your enquiry. Formal quotes are emailed to you as a pdf file and we typically respond within an hour or two from receiving yoru request.

To purchase water we request that you contact us telephonically, via our website or email us with your water requirement or accept the quote we provided.  We will gladly assist you to calculate your water requirement. Upon receiving your order or approval of the quote we will email you your invoice. The invoice will contain the planned delivery date and time as well as our EFT details. We typically require full payment upfront and will confirm your delivery via email as soon as we have received your proof of payment.

Once we have received your proof of payment we will change the status of your order to be ready for delivery. All orders are scheduled in our delivery planning system and our vehicles receive their delivery instructions electronically direct from our planning system. Delivery crews are briefed on your requirements and will arrive at your premises fully prepared.

We have an outstanding on time delivery track record and will put in every effort to deliver to you on the time that was provided on your invoice. Our delivery coordinators are constantly in contact with our vehicles to confirm that they are tracking to plan. Our delivery coordinators will also be in contact with you on the day of delivery and will telephonically confirm the delivery time with you an hour before the delivery.

Upon arrival at your premises our delivery team will require access to the vessel, water tanks, swimming pool etc. that must be filled. Our team will first walk the route from the vehicle to the delivery point with you to make sure the water is pumped in the quickest and safest way.  We pump water from our vehicle via flexible lay flat hoses and our standard hose length is 60 metres, which can be extended further, if required. We have most of 2 inch and 3 inch the quick couplers, should you require us to connect our hoses to your inlet valve.

The water pumps on our vehicles are fitted with water flow meters and we will record the start and end meter reading at your premises. Customers are welcome to confirm the meter readings at time of delivery. 

Customer service is our priority and we continuously measure and refine our processes to improve our service to you. We would appreciatte any positive or constructive feedback after our delivery from you to ensure we offer you the best and most reliable bulk water delivery service in Cape Town.