Waterdrop is the original Cape Town bulk water delivery company that provide residential and commercial customers with an alternative fresh water supply chain direct from our natural water sources.

Our business model is to provide customers with a logistics solution to transport water from areas where there is abundant natural water supply to areas that have restricted or limited water supply.

We understand that when it comes to accessing water that homes and businesses need a service provider that they can trust to provide reliable service and consistent water quality. To achieve this, we had to look at bulk water delivery as more than just water and vehicles and we have assembled a team and setup processes and systems to ensure that we exceed our customer expectations.


Projections are that the Cape Town drought and water restrictions will be our reality for the foreseeable future. Relying on the restricted municipal water source during these times may require an alternative water source when:

- Water requirement is more than that which is allowed by level 5 water restrictions or Water Management Devices allow.

- You require water for applications that are prohibited by level 5 water restrictions.

- You have high water usage and a tariff bracket that makes bulk water a lower cost alternative.

- You need an alternative water source to mitigate municipal water supply interruptions.

- You need to mitigate the risk in the case of Day Zero reoccurring.

Download our side-by-side view of Cape Town Level 3 - 6B water restrictions (Click to download pdf document) 

Our water is sourced from natural sources on farms in the Paarl area, located outside the catchment areas of the three main Cape Town aquifers in Atlantis, Table Mountain and Cape Flats.


Our natural water is pristine, clean and clear water with low metal content and is tested on a regular basis. We will gladly supply customers with our certificate of analysis. The water is perfect for swimming pools and other outside applications as well as for household applications such as cleaning, washing and sanitation.

We have water that meet the SANS 241:2015 drinking water standard and can be used for human consumption. Customers should however still have the necessary filtration or UV treatment in place to ensure that water you stored in tanks does consistently meets drinking standards at point of consumption.





Most residential customers do not have the experience or the testing equipment to confirm the quality of water that they receive. The ordering and receiving of water and allowing people on your premises is also not something home owners do every day and to receive water at your home often requires customers to take time off from work to be at home.

We understand these challenges and that trust is a very important aspect when it comes to purchasing bulk water. You expect quality water to be delivered on-time by friendly and professional people that know what they do.  At Waterdrop we work hard to create this trust relationship by ensuring we clearly understand our customer requirements, giving you advice on how to optimally order and store water, communicating to you throughout the delivery process and by delivering personalised service.

Over time we build relationships with our customers to the point where we often understand your water requirements and setup better than you do and thereby enable us to provide you with even more pro-active and personal service.


As Waterdrop owners we collectively have more than 30 years of supply chain and logistics experience and understand corporate logistics processes and service level requirements. Bulk water delivery is our core business and we provide businesses with an end to end bulk water supply chain service. We partner with corporate clients to understand their requirements and processes and develop a service offering that meets their specific needs in the most cost effective and reliable way.

We work with corporate customers to setup an end to end process to order and receive water and establish an effective alternative fresh water supply chain. For ongoing replenishment of water, we provide digital tank level monitoring that automatically trigger replenishment or can setup recurring delivery frequencies.

We will typically approach all large corporate water deliveries as a project which will include an upfront assessment of the site and access to the delivery point and preparing a vehicle delivery schedule.

Water is a key input to all businesses and corporate clients need a service provider that is responsive, reliable and professional. We achieve this through careful preparation and planning, having the best equipment and people and through ongoing monitoring of the delivery process and communicating with our customers.


New customers can request a quote via our webpage, email or phone us and we will email you a comprehensive formal quote. Customers that are ready to order can place an order via our webpage, email or call us. Upon receiving your order, we will provide you with an invoice that will contain the delivery date and time and explain the delivery process to you. We typically require full payment upfront, due to the vehicle commitment we must make to plan your delivery. We plan all deliveries using our transport planning system and our delivery coordinators track and manage all deliveries to ensure we deliver on-time. We keep you informed throughout the delivery process.


On arrival we will pump the water from our vehicles directly into your swimming pool, water tank or any other reservoir. We have all the couplings and fittings to connect with your water system. We pump water at 600l-1000l/minute and our standard flexible hoses are 60m in length.  Our vehicles are fitted with flow meters and customers are welcome to confirm the meter readings.


Our pricing is based on the quantity of water purchased and your location and our standard pricing range from R300/kl – R800/kl, all inclusive. The larger the volume you order the lower the R/kl. Our minimum order quantity is 5,000l.


Our standard lead-time is 24-48 hours, but if you require an urgent delivery we will try our best to accommodate you in a shorter lead-time. We supply water to homes and businesses in all suburbs in the greater Cape Town area.